How We Practice

We focus on the techniques and practices of hatha yoga, which incorporates the physical limbs of Āsana and Prānāyāma, or poses and breathing techniques. With literally hundreds of asanas and variations, there is little room for boredom. The asanas are both taught on their own and in various sequences to create a flows or vinyasas.

Taking cues from Iyengar and Ashtanga, our classes focus on correct alignment and fluidity of motion. We create a lively and fun atmosphere through a blend of asana and vinyasa to cultivate both strength and flexibility in motion. We use props such as chairs, straps, bolsters and blocks to facilitate stretching and strengthening of tight fascia and musculature.


Classes are a way for the yogi or yogini to learn and progress their yoga practice in a safe and controlled environment under the guidance of a teacher. The practitioner wishing to enhance their progress will also develop a home practice.

Yoga for Yogi(ni)’s

We welcome all yogis and yoginis, beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Yoga for Surfers

Surfing demands a great deal from the body, stressing the lower back, hips and shoulders which in turn leads to contraction of the muscles, stiffness and limited mobility. Surfers benefit significantly from yoga because the practice strengthens and lengthens the muscle groups most used in surfing, minimising the risk of injuries and improving recovery time. Yoga for surfers is like grease for a chain, it increases flexibility and minimises wear.

Yoga for Desk Workers

Sitting at a desk and working in front of a computer screen places an undue stress on the body because, believe it or not, sitting is not really that good for you, especially for long periods of time. It encourages a hunched posture which one actively needs to be cognisant of and correct throughout the day. Yoga practice for those working at a desk is a way of “ironing out” bad posture and counteracting the effects of prolonged sitting.