private yoga

Private Yoga

Thank you for your interest in private yoga sessions with Tony Bartok at Mobiyoga. I am a Yoga Alliance RYT200 Certified teacher, specializing in Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Pranayama and Meditation practices. Please complete the form below so that I can personalise our yoga session(s) together. Once I have reviewed your application, I will contact you to schedule our session.

Private Sessions

* Session rates are as follows:
1 Person: R750
2 People: R500 pp
3 People: R400 pp
4 People: R350 pp
* Sessions are 75 mins.
* Fees include a R100 call-out.

Private Session Application

Private Yoga Session Questionnaire
Have you ever done yoga before? *
Have you had any major injuries or surgeries in the past? *
Do you have any current discomforts or diagnosed injuries? *
Are you prone to stress or anxiety? *
What is your reason for requesting private yoga sessions? Please check all that apply. *
What do you feel like you need to work on? Please check all that apply. *
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